Things to know about ApplePay

What is Apple Pay & Will It Affect My Business?

Apple Pay is a Near Field Communication-based mobile payment application that securely stores credit/debit card information on Apple mobile devices. Users are able to pay without making physical contact to a terminal. Only merchants with physical stores will be affected by Apple Pay. Merchants with e-commerce, mail or telephone order businesses will not be affected.

How Does Apple Pay Affect My Business?

Apple Pay is one of many emerging digital wallet solutions that we can expect to see in the future. It eliminates the need to carry physical credit cards by securely storing all credit card information digitally within the application. In order to accept payments from Apple Pay users, your business will need to be equipped with an NFC terminal.

How Does Apple Pay Work?

Users simply open the Apple Pay app, select the card they want to use and press “Pay with Touch ID” while holding the iPhone near the NFC terminal. An NFC antennae in the iPhone will communicate with the NFC terminal to conduct the transaction.

Why It’s Good to Upgrade Your Terminal

EDPS is prepared to equip you with an NFC/EMV terminal. Not only will you be able to accept Apple Pay payments (and additional digital wallet payments), you will also be prepared to accept EMV card payments. EMV is entering the US in October 2015 and will require terminal upgrading in order to accept EMV payments.

Which Apple Devices Have Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is currently on iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Apple Watch and iPad Air 2 & iPad Mini.

Which Credit Cards Does Apple Pay Work With?


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