ACH & Check Conversion

Easily accept checks electronically.

Our Automated Clearing House (ACH) and Check Conversion solutions allow you to accommodate customers who prefer paying with a check, all while saving you a trip to the bank.

Electronic Check Conversion

This solution converts paper checks into electronic transactions. At the point of sale, the check is scanned through a reader connected to a POS System or virtual terminal. Once the check is scanned, the funds are then electronically debited from the customer’s bank account and deposited into your merchant account.

ACH Processing

This solution allows you or your customer to authorize an electronic ACH debit from their checking account. These payments are processed through a virtual terminal, payment gateway, API or batch file. Once the transaction is processed, the consumer’s checking account is electronically debited, and the funds are transferred to your merchant account.

Benefits of implementing ACH and Check Conversion:

POS integration​

Easily integrates into most existing POS Systems and payment gateways.

Increase revenue

Increase potential revenue by accepting all forms of payment.

Online tracking

Easily track and review reporting online.

Save time

Save time by skipping trips to the bank.

Reduce bounced check

Reduce bounced checks with verification and guarantee options.

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