Merchant Funding

We invest in your success.

At EDPS, we’re fully committed to helping you reach your business goals by providing custom funding through our very own solution called Quicken Capital—which provides our merchants with up to a $500,000 cash advance.

Flexible funding that works for you.

Our program is different than a traditional bank loan. You’ll start paying off your funding when you make sales, instead of owing a bank later. And you’ll have the flexibility to repay via manageable daily or monthly deposits over a span of several months.

Get started in 2 easy steps:

In order to obtain your free, no-commitment quote, email the the documents from steps 1 & 2 to

Once you apply, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

Step 1:

Complete the prequalification form.

Step 2:

Provide 4 of your most recent business banking statements.
(Please remove your bank account number. We will only need your account number upon offer agreement.)

Benefits of the Merchant Funding Program through Quicken Capital:

We’re dedicated to partnering with you to deliver smart solutions that work best for your business. We believe in meeting clients where they are—and our Merchant Funding Program is the perfect example of just how invested we are in your future.

Learn more about merchant funding at or by calling 866-578-9740.

Our Merchant Funding Program has helped countless businesses. After approval, our clients received funds within 5 days to use at their own discretion. We often hear from merchant funding clients that our program and personalized approach gave them the confidence they needed to pursue their dreams.

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What Our Clients Say

“Amazing service and rates! I highly recommend you call today!”

– David Hayman, Sales & Marketing,Tango & Gatti

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